Intuitive Bot

Easily choose between Practice, Expert AI or Ranked Hearthstone Matches.

Excellent Community

A huge community with thousands of users and dedicated developers improve Hearthbuddy daily.

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User Friendly

Very easy to use, simple User Interface structure. A forum full of helping hands.

Ultimate Security

Hearthbuddy does not inject any libraries, for that reason, the chance of detection is minimal.

What You’re Getting?

Get all the features with the Lifetime Access or with the Full 3 Days Trial.

Great Community

Share decks, receive tips, share expirience with the deck building and your strategies with the community.

Developer Support

Support on all upcomming issues. Fast patches after every release of Hearthstone.

Updates & Protection

We deliver updates automatically. Hearthbuddy is a passive bot, we do not inject into Hearthstone, which leads to a minimal risk of detaction.

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How to use Hearthbuddy?

As simple as it sounds, but all you need to do is, download Hearthbuddy, start Hearthbuddy and it plays your games for you.

  • Hearthbuddy plays Minions without target*
  • Hearthbuddy plays Spells without target*
  • Hearthbuddy plays all Secrets
  • Hearthbuddy plays all Weapons
  • *Target Spells will be supported very soon
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The Support at TheBuddyForum has more than 160.000 members and over 1.3 million posts. Our very active community will help you on any issue that you walk into, our dedicated support members will assist you whenever needed.


Here we try to give you an overview of all possible questions.
Hearthbuddy is as of now the only bot that does not inject in Hearthstone, it is as passive as a bot can be. Because of the fact that we do not inject, it is nearly impossible for Warden to trigger a detection ban, this tho does not mean that you can not be banned for other reasons.
Everyone can be banned for whatever reasons Blizzard wants to ban you for. Terms of Service and EULA that describe on over 40 pages, what you can not do in the game will hardly make your life easier. If you care about your account, read them carefully and do not use a bot or anything that could harm your account.
As of now ToS and EULA are just contract conditions between two or more parties, just because you break them, it does not turn you to a criminal. It is not against any law to use bots.
Lifetime describes the period of support of a product. In our case this means, until Hearthbuddy is stopped or until Hearthstone shuts down.


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